Our history


Arxiduna Restaurant is a place where good cuisine and atmosphere are combined in a very special way. The food we prepare is nutritious and delicious, perfect for making diners of any age fall in love.

Nestled in a unique environment such as Plaza Ochavada, located within natural caves that were originally used as a Mozarabic church and declared by the Junta de Andalucía Andalusian Property Heritage.

Our cuisine is a fusion between tradition and innovation. On the menu you can find original starters, various salads, grilled meats and homemade desserts. From Mediterranean and traditional elaborations, through Asian, Indian or North African dishes and always with a touch of Malaga products and betting on the elaborations and traditions most deeply rooted in our gastronomic heritage.

Arxiduna is located in the famous Plaza Ochavada de Archidona (municipality located 52 kms. From Malaga capital), jewel of Andalusian urbanism of the 18th century, built in 1786 by Antonio González Sevillano and Francisco Astorga Frías, who proposed a construction as original as a Octagonal square of French origin.

Located in the heart of Archidona, in the first wonder of the province of Malaga, our Plaza Ochavada in Andalusia, Arxiduna is a dynamic, harmonious and carefree space that coexists with different terraces in our square or a cozy room with 4 caves different all independent of each other.

The Arxiduna letter is a letter without borders, a journey through different corners of the world. Our cuisine, creative and innovative, draws from different inspirations, but our dishes always have Andalusian roots.

The end point of our meats has a lot to do with the type of firewood we use. Firewood, not charcoal, because the latter gives off aromas that are too aggressive to mask those of the food itself, while firewood gives off "soft, clean and natural" perfumes. The fire kisses the product. Olive wood is our favorite. It does not interfere with the taste of the product. For the meats, we use the olive chips.

Arxiduna's team is responsible for making magic happen every day. They are the main reason why our guests decide to return. Take a look and get to know us a little more.